Walking ... Running

Grocery shopping tops my least favorite activities to do. It's a different ball game if it's a new store or even an open farmer's market. But the regular week-to-week grocery shopping in stores where I know aisle by aisle what's in store bores me. The refrigerator is empty so I forced myself to Costco and bought some veggies, fruits and loaded the cart with hummus. Another of my latest obsession is asparagus. Sauteed asparagus and cucumbers has been fulfilling our quota for veggies until my next trip to the Indian stores.

What I ate today is pretty close to yesterday's. With the exception of an apple for breakfast as I ran out of eggs. I am sure you are not interested in excruciating details of the contents of my refrigerator or my plate like wise.

But I am sure you will be interested to know that I walked a whooping 7.5 miles in less than 2 hours. I was almost running the last few miles.


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