Total Recall

We watched the movie Total Recall, not the original movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger but a newer version. There were gaps in the story I simply did not understand. It could have been the 2nd glass of wine but from what I recall, it was not like I was slept through portions of the movie. Now, I want to go back and watch the original one for some closure. I am such a movie buff.

We did not have a sunny weekend as I had anticipated. I moved our group walk from Saturday to Sunday. Two, who did not read my FB posting showed up and we walked close to 8 miles. Sunday, the entire walking gang showed up with the exception one one and we covered another 7.7 miles.

Two long walks and a few loads of laundry, I am one tired girl this weekend. Monday is Pongal. No plans yet. I bought a small stick of sugarcane from the local Indian stores. Did I tell you they opened a Saravana Bhavan close to my house? May be you can find me there tomorrow.

Happy Pongal


Bikramjit January 14, 2013 at 2:12 AM  

Well I dont think they do justice when they make a new version of original..

and happy pongal and happy lohri


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